Bat Appreciation Day!


'Explorers for Bats' is a 13-minute film by Dave McGowan of Ravenswood Media, who was awarded a small white-nose syndrome grant administered by Wildlife Management Institute on behalf of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The film asks climbers to report bat sightings and includes locations for staff of the National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service and nearby states.


How does information about bat sightings help us?

We are still learning about bats and where they hang out, especially in some places in the West. Learning where bats roost, forage, and hibernate will help us address white-nose syndrome.

If I report a bat sighting, will the bats be disturbed?

We always try to find the right balance between minimizing our disturbance of bats with collecting data to try to protect them. When climbers tell us where they see bats on big walls, we can learn from that to minimize future potential disturbances and the spread of the deadly WNS.

Why are climbers such valuable sources of information?

Climbers often reach places that scientists don’t commonly go, and they’re keenly observant of their surroundings while climbing. When climbers share where they’ve seen bats, scientists can visit that location and study the bats that live there. Climbers’ observations help us learn about and understand bats.

If climbers report bat sightings, will the landowner close access to the route?

Closing a climbing route is very unlikely. There are a few situations when that might be temporarily necessary. For example, if a maternity roost of an endangered species is discovered then a temporary seasonal closure may be necessary. This situation is similar to seasonal closures of certain climbing routes to protect nesting raptors. Local land managers make closure decisions.  

Now Renting Cross Country Ski Equipment and Snowshoes!

Grooming of trails has yet to begin.  But there is enough snow to go cross country skiing or snowshoeing depending on where you want to go.  We ARE recommending you take Bear Spray!
We do not take reservations on rental gear.  You CAN pick up your equipment the evening before and bring it back the morning after your excursion.  Only $20 for a day a full XC Skiing package, and only $15 per pair of Snow Shoes.


Some kid left their Jackson Hole Souvenir here at Teton Mountaineering.  
It came from By Nature Gallery (Mike calls it the Dinosaur Store)  Please Help us find the owner.
Identify To Claim!
And if you are out of town we will happily ship it to you.

Updated Eclipse Cloudcover Forecast by

It's still early, but we are getting a better idea.  Mike has been saying for years that the most likely place for clear skies is between Riverton and Casper, Now we have some preliminary data to back that up.  

Woody Says  

"POSTED: August 17, 2017
A word from meteorologist Jim Woodmencey on Cloud Cover Forecasts: Under four days away from E-Day and latest forecast cloud cover maps have changed a bit from yesterday’s. Forecast Tip: When all the models are in agreement, and they track the same conditions for a few days in a row, then the confidence you can have in these models goes up"

Level 1 Fire Restrictions in Bridger-Teton National Forest

Bridger Teton National Forest and Grand Teton National Park are under Level 1 Fire Restrictions until further notice.  You may NOT use any Flame source that cannot be turned off.  This includes Charcoal Grills, Fire Rings constructed of Rocks, or smoking outside your car.

Liquid petroleum burning stoves where the flame can be turned off and use of Permanent fixtures within an approved designated site are still OK.  

More information is available at the Teton Interagency Fire website.